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Memorial Sports Medicine | Full-Service Care

The providers at Memorial Orthopedics & Sports Medicine are here for you and your athlete to help
coordinate care – from the point of injury to determining the best course of treatment, our team will be
an active part of the entire process. Memorial also offers a host of other Physical Therapy & Sports
Medicine-related services:

Physical Therapy  &  Sports Medicine Services
From skill enhancement and injury prevention to injury treatment and functional rehabilitation,
Memorial Sports Medicine helps athletes take their game to new levels of finesse and execution.

Athletic Performance Training
You can train like the pros! We offer customized, enhanced training for all skill levels from age seven
through senior adults. The certified sports performance professionals of Memorial Sports Medicine
provide testing, movement analysis, and guidance to enhance skills and help reduce the chance of future injury. State-of-the-art conditioning equipment is used. For more info, call (937) 578-7852.

Athletic Performance Nutrition
Every athlete has unique nutrition and hydration needs in addition to the goals for their physical athletic
performance. Our Athletic Performance Nutrition Dietitian is trained to help you develop a customized
nutrition plan. For more info, call (937) 578-2455.

Physical Therapy
Our physical therapists assist in a developed plan to return injured athletes back to sport through sports
specific training and rehabilitation. Often times quality therapy guided by highly skilled therapists and
trainers can correct medical issues before a more invasive process is required. Other times, we are
called upon after surgery or other medical intervention with the aim of restoring or improving function.
Additional specialty therapies include:
· Hand and Upper Extremity Therapies: Our certified hand and upper extremity therapists will work
with you to restore function and to learn how to perform everyday activities following an injury, a
stroke, or if you have a deformity. We even have a kitchen and bathroom where you can practice in a
real-life setting.
· Vestibular  and  Balance: Vestibular and Balance Disorder Therapies for balance issues, sometimes
associated with a concussion or head injury. This includes the To Be Steady Program, which utilizes
screening technology to analyze a person’s risk for falls.
· ASTYM Therapy: ASTYM Therapy reduces scarring and issues with a patient’s skin and soft tissues
due to injury or post-surgery which cause discomfort or pain.
· Active Release Massage Therapies: Massage Therapies enhance a person’s health and well-being
through manual manipulation of soft body tissues (muscle, connective tissue, tendons, and ligaments).
· Dry Needling: Our certified practitioners can place a thin Filiform needle directly into a trigger
point (“knot” in the muscle) to reset that specific muscle, impacting a deeper layer of tissue than could
be achieved by other methods.

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Elite FC

7250 Watkins Rd 
Ostrander, Ohio 43061

Phone: 614-546-7667
Email: [email protected]

Elite FC

7250 Watkins Rd 
Ostrander, Ohio 43061

Phone: 614-546-7667
Email: [email protected]
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